A New Concierge Delivery Service 
For BnB/Vacation Rentals in the Okanagan.

Welcome to your lovely home away from home!  We are so glad you have chosen the Beautiful Okanagan to enjoy your vacation!

Whether it is in a hotel, BnB, Vacation Rental, Trailer in an RV Park or the spare bedroom of your friend, Better Call Paul is ready to solve the age old problem of...........WE FORGOT IT!

Did you remember wine, pizza, chips, beer??

Perhaps you are craving Chinese or Indian food...maybe a juicy steak?  Even if you are not sure what you want...we can offer recommendations and even wine pairings!!

Host Service 

Have everything you need for your guests delivered right to the door.  Have our flyers placed in your Vacation Rental to make their stay as easy and as enjoyable as possible. 

Add a touch of class to the arrival of your guests with a special delivery of flowers, a bottle of wine, or anything you may want or need.

If we could be of assistance to you, your vacation rental, or to your future guests, we would love to hear from you.

We support local businesses, with local businesses, to build successful local businesses.

Guest Services

Welcome to your home away from home.  We want to ensure your staff is perfect!

Did you forget something? Looking for a good meal to be delivered to your door, order groceries, grab sunscreen or beach toys for the kids? 

What ever the need, you Better Call Paul and have it delivered.

**If you have a request for beverages, including alcohol, we can pick those up too.

NOTE: We only pick up YOUR order.  No waiting for several other deliveries to be made before yours. 

Your food will be hot and your ice cream cold!  

We will make multiple stops for YOU only. 

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