Our Story
-Paul Rogers & Leslie Davis, founding duo, 
“Better Call Paul Delivery”


Five years ago, my wife Leslie and I made our home in West Kelowna and within a short time, saw a need for a wide-ranging delivery service that put the customer first.

That vision became even clearer in 2020: restaurants and businesses were hurting in a huge way due to the pandemic.

Those big national delivery services were, frankly, gouging restaurants by taking up to 25% of many Mom & Pop outfits' profits just for getting restaurant food to your door. We also saw these same big companies hurting you by increasing food prices on the same deliveries, and even charging a BC tax fee.

We said, “enough is enough”. 

Leslie and I decided to team up, step up and help out in our own unique way

Better Call Paul Delivery was born.

We approached local restaurants, offering them our service and do not pass on price hikes to you.

They loved the idea!

Then we expanded our services to include beverages, groceries, and pretty much anything you can think of to deliver (except maybe babies, but Leslie's trained in healthcare and I have a good catcher's mitt)

Here's how Better Call Paul Delivery works:

− You pay a small delivery fee, depending on your location and the size of the bill(s).

​− Our team members make their living on tips (just as you would tip in a restaurant environment).

This plan has been such a hit with restaurants and consumers alike, that we have now hired more drivers to accommodate our overwhelming success.

We're growing - while continuing to offer prompt and conscientious service on a one-on-one basis.

It's all because of you and the enthusiastic welcome you've given to our business, so...thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, and the backs of our growing green EV fleet.

Better Call Paul is Good For Us All.


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